Allium Bulbs

Alliums are an absolute must for any summer garden, giving beautiful colour, texture, height and depth to flower beds of all sizes. As part of the Onion and Garlic family, Alliums are hardy perennials producing a vast array of summer flowers.

Why grow Alliums?

They’re incredibly easy to grow, hardy and tough, resistant to rodents and will grow in almost any soils, making them undemanding.

The spherical flower heads produce wonderful purple, white and pink shades depending on which Alliums you choose, and can be planted in pots or beds in full sunlight to add early summer and long-lasting colour on pathways, ornamental beds and more.

Alliums are also particularly bee-friendly, making them ideal companions for your garden’s ecosystem, and produce beautiful cut flowers to add texture and colour to your indoor bouquets.

What varieties of Allium does Gee-Tee have?

Gee-Tee has a large selection of Allium bulbs to buy wholesale, trade and online.

We stock both the formal and informal varieties, from the shorter types like the Allium Karataviense which is perfect for tubs and pots, to the tall elegant types such as Purple Sensation and Gladiator, which will look wonderful planted in amongst your perennials.

Browse our range of allium bulbs below and filter by colour, height, flowering month and more.

How to grow Alliums?

See our Growing advice for Alliums.