Agapanthus Bulbs

Native to South Africa, but versatile enough to grow in a multitude of settings, the Agapanthus is a showy, exotic perennial that stands tall and proud, giving summer colour and structure to any garden.

Why Grow Agapanthus?

Agapanthus Bulbs, sometimes referred to as the African Lily, are easy to grow, thrive in full sunlight, and produce rounded clusters of brightly coloured flowers on long stalks in shades of blue, as well as brilliant white.

Flowering takes place from mid-summer to early autumn, and with their long growing season and tall stalks, many Agapanthus varieties are ideal as a tall border plant.

Agapanthuses are easy to propagate as they clump together over time – simply divide them between spring and early summer, or in autumn once flowering has ended, or grow Agapanthus from seed.

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