Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous Perennials are the backbone of any great garden, giving structure and depth all year round, and year after year. With thousands of species to choose from, these plants – most of which don’t have woody stems – offer real value, with the majority reaching full height and flowering every year before dying back over the winter and re-growing in early spring, although there are also evergreen plants to choose from.

Why grow Herbaceous Perennials?

Herbaceous perennials offer gardeners a huge range of textures, colours, heights and widths and flower shapes to choose from. From ground covers and low hedges to larger bushes, architectural features, flowering beds and more, herbaceous perennials will go on growing and flowering for many years as long as they are well maintained.

What varieties of Herbaceous Perennials does Gee-Tee have?

Gee-Tee has a wide selection of herbaceous perennials to choose from including the colourful Achilleas, Alceas and Aqulegias. For year-round fresh greenery, choose from our range of Athyriums, Matteuccia Struhiopteris and Dryopteris, or bring flashes of vibrant lilac with our Campanulas and Delphiniums.

Create depth in your meadow garden with our Echinaceas, Euphorbias and Heucheras, and large swathes of bushy colour with our drought-resistant Lavenders.

And for tall focal points, we’ve got a fantastic range of Lupins, Nepeta, Papaver, Salvias, Verbena and Penstemons.

How to grow Herbaceous Perennials?

See our Growing Advice for Herbaceous Perennials.

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