Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Bluebells)

The English Bluebell

A familiar sight and smell is sure to greet you in English woodlands during late spring as the ground is carpeted in violet with the nodding bell-shaped flowers of English Bluebells. Self-seeding, they will continue to spread each year.

We go to great lengths to source our bluebells. For the benefit of conservation, we sell U.K. cultivated bluebells and some very special wild bluebells lifted under license from the foothills of Snowden.

For economy, we also offer Dutch cultivated bulbs, they are hyacinthoides non-scripta but may be slightly lighter in colour than those grown in the U.K.

We also sell English Bluebells ‘in the green’ from March.

Plant 10cm deep 7cm apart 150 per sq metre.

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