Snowdrops In The Green

Snowdrops bloom from January through March to bring wonderful colour and honey scent to winter landscapes. The ‘in the Green’ variety of Snowdrops are differentiated from the usual bulb by the fact that they are lifted whilst in leaf, sometimes in flower. Subsequently, they can establish themselves more quickly in the following growing season.

Why Grow Snowdrops in the Green?

It is widely believed that the best way to grow Snowdrops is in the green, as dry bulbs – which can be planted in autumn – can often fail to grow.

By naturalising Snowdrops in the grass immediately after they have flowered, with their foliage still intact, the plants establish themselves ahead of dormancy, leading to a higher success rate of growth and flowering.

When raising and replanting your Snowdrops, we advise that you do so on the same day and plant them deep into moist soil in order to retain their moisture. Water the Snowdrops regularly over the following weeks to ensure that the roots take thoroughly.

After replanting, the foliage will die down naturally, with new growth showing at the start of the next blooming season.

What Varieties of Snowdrops in the Green Does Gee-Tee Have?

Gee-Tee stocks Snowdrops varieties including Galanthus Elwesii, Galanthus Flore Pleno (the double Snowdrop), Galanthus nivalis and Snowdrops in the Green.


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