The Spalding Flower Parade

18th Mar 2024

Being based in South Holland and our local town being known for hosting the annual springtime flower parade the Tulip is extremely important for bringing vibrancy and colour to the parade.

This year we have decided to get involved and are in the early stages of designing and creating our own float for the 2024 flower parade!

The history of Spalding Flower Parade

The market town of Spalding was once famous across the globe for it’s annual Tulip Parade. Each year since the 1950’s the parade was the annual highlight and it drew crowds from all over the UK and beyond. It was a celebration of the tulip industry and a time for people to show off.

Each year a Flower Queen was elected and she would lead the parade through the town, followed by huge floats, decorated with tulips. Each year, a theme was chosen and most of the major companies in the area constructed a float to take part.

Sadly, as the tulip industry fell into decline, so did the parade. It was also a case of funding drying up and the final parade was held in 2013, much to the dismay of local people. It was an absolute loss for the town.

Spalding Flower Parade

10 Years Later

A local man decided to reinstate the annual parade put a simple post on social media. This gained huge support; community spirit, volunteers and sponsorship offers from local businesses put Spalding back on the map. The 2023 Spalding flower parade was a huge success with large crowds gathering despite the cool weather and ever since lots of fundraising and community events have been ongoing to make the 2024 Flower parade even bigger and better than last year!

The theme is year is movies, so the Gee-Tee float this year is based on Bee Movie and we have started to put some of our ideas together for creating our float. If you happen to be at the Spalding Flower Parade this year look out for us!

As you can see, we still have a bit of work to do!

Gee Tee Bee Movie float preparations