Growing Advice

Here is some of our essential information for planting bulbs and ensuring the best results.

Gee Tee Bulb Company’s spring flowering bulbs (Tulips, Daffodils and Crocus etc.) become available to us from late July and throughout August. This is perhaps a little early to start planting because the soil can still be quite warm.

However, you can pre-order your bulbs from as early as May, that way you will ensure you get the varieties you want. We will start sending them out from early September once all types are ready and available.

How To Plant Bulbs

Here’s our quick guide to preparing your plot and getting your bulbs in the ground. We also supply a useful planting guide with every order.

how to plant bulbs

When To Plant Bulbs

Here are a few top tips on when you should plant your bulbs and whether you can store them or need to plant them straight away.

when to plant bulbs

Where To Plant Bulbs

In most cases, all a bulb needs is plenty of sun and good drainage, as a boggy site can cause them to rot. When you are planning where to plant your bulbs, think about the height the plants will reach and the eventual heights of any other dormant plants in the surrounding area.

where to plant bulbs

Bulbs In The Green

Bulbs ‘in the green’ make spring a very busy time for us, even though only a small selection of bulb types are handled in this way. These include Galanthus Nivalis (Common Snowdrop), Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta (English Bluebell), Eranthis (Winter Aconite) and the pretty little Narcissus Pseudonarcissus (Lobularis or Lent Lily).

bulbs in the green

Controlling Garden Pests

Bulbs do not suffer from too many pests but there are just a couple to watch out for. This is how we deal with them...

controlling garden pests

Encouraging Wildlife

Flowers from most bulbs will provide sustenance for bees and butterflies but to make things easier, look out for our ‘good for bees’ logo on the varieties that seem to be the favourites.

encouraging wildlife

How to Grow Hyacinths

Hyacinths present one of the most compelling Spring scents of all seasonal blooms and can transform any garden with their vibrant colours, wide variety and unique spiky flower stalks. 

how to grow hyacinths

How to Grow Dahlias

Dahlias are a gardener's absolute favourite for so many reasons – their great variety, show-flower blooms with rich, sensual colours, a wide range of textures and the fact that they bloom in late summer to keep your garden a magnificent spectacle when most other plants have faded make this remarkable plant a sight to behold.

how to grow dahlias

How to Grow Daffodils

The bright yellow Daffodil is a universal sign that Spring is around the corner, and the sun is ready to come out. These vibrant blooms make perfect carpets of colour in the garden, brighten up any border or shrubbery, and cut flowers bring joy to any home.

how to grow daffodils

How to Grow Alliums

Alliums are an absolute must for any perennial garden. These easy to grow, undemanding bulbs have a great diversity in colours, textures, flowering heights and bloom times, giving any garden long-lasting colour from early through to late Summer.

how to grow alliums

How to Grow Tulips

There are few flowers that attract as much interest as the Tulip. With its incredible variety – over 3 000 in fact – and vibrant colours, this beautiful bulb is an absolute must for any Spring or Summer garden.

how to grow tulips