Gee Tee Bulb Collections & Mixtures

16th Aug 2023

It can be tricky choosing from our range of bulbs and plants, knowing how they might work together to fill a gap in your border or to make the pots on your patio look great.

There are a few things to consider, such as flowering times, colour combinations, heights and flower size. This is why we have put together some specially selected combinations which we know work well together as a selection of bulb collections and mixtures.

When it comes to flower bulb collections and mixtures, the possibilities are endless. Our carefully selected collections of bulbs come in a variety of colours and sizes designed to bring your garden to life.

With proper care and maintenance, these bulbs can last for years to come – making them a great investment for your outdoor space.

Our choice of collections and mixtures, helps you to create the outdoor space you have always dreamt of. Whether you’re looking for a stunning display of tulips, a structurally eye catching allium collection or a tranquil meadow, our bulb collections and mixtures help you to build a combination of classic favourites and potentially introduce us to some new ones too. So don’t delay – make your garden bloom this season.

Meadow Bulb Collection - flower bulbs

The Meadow Collection

This is perfect for naturalising a space with ease and creating an attractive border. It contains beautiful varieties of perennial Tulips, Narcissus, Fritillaria, Camassia, Puschkinia and Crocuses; providing you with a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that truly bring your garden to life throughout the spring.

Candy Stick Bulb Collection - flower bulbs

The Candy Stick Collection

Candy Stick Collection – a pairing of stripy beauties, Tulip Peppermint Stick, in raspberry red and white alonfside Narcissus Elka, ivory in colour, with a long trumpet.

Miniature Narcissus Collection - flower collections

Miniature Narcissus Collection

These little gems will provide flowers from March through to May. Perfect in borders, rockeries, pots or planted under trees.

Harlequin Tulip Collection - flower collections

Harlequin Tulip Collection

These tulip varieties have all been carefully selected from our Single Early Tulips range. They are early flowering, with shorter stems, these bulbs are therefore an ideal choice for pots and borders

Woodland bulb collection - flower bulbs

The Woodland Collection

Great for naturalising, which means they will multiply and spread if left undisturbed. Growing bulbs in woodland can be tricky, the trees absorb a lot of water and create a lot of shade. However, this selection of bulbs will thrive in the the humus rich soil of this habitat.

Papy Teeuw's Spring Bulb Collection

Papy Teeuw’s Country Garden Collection

A group of early spring delights flowering February – March, a range of pastel poise and delicacy. This one holds a particularly special place in the hearts of us here at Gee tee. Created to remember the founder of this family business over 60 years ago, Papy Joe Teeuw.

Our various Tulip and Narcissus collections have been put together to give an abundance of choice for every visual appetite. But if you still can’t decide, you can always try our Spring Garden in a Box, this is great value for money with a total of 540 bulbs for £57.60, including:


  • 50 Trumpet Daffodil Mixture
  • 50 Species Daffodils
  • 50 Tulip Mixture
  • 10 Hyacinths Mixture
  • 50 Crocus Mixture
  • 100 Snowdrops
  • 30 Allium Purple Sensation
  • 100 Muscari Armeniacum
  • 50 Iris Mixture
  • And 50 Bluebells

Bulb Mixtures

Our bulb mixtures comprise a selection of five or more flower bulbs from one family, giving you a great showcase of what each species can do. For example, the Miniature Daffodil Mixture will have a range of shapes and colours from multiheaded, scented to mixed colours, sizes and different flowering times to prolong the flowering period.

Our most popular mixes are the Tulip Cutting Mix and the 25Kg Bag of Mixed Narcissi Bulbs. These offer phenomenal value for money and include some of the finest flowers we supply.

Mixtures are a great way of discovering new favourites. Experiencing a flower in person is a very different experience to browsing online, but we’re always happy to identify varieties from your photos, contact us with any queries you have!