How do I Grow Alliums?

28th May 2019

Allium Globemaster - Allium bulbs
Alliums are an absolute must for any perennial garden. These easy to grow, undemanding bulbs giving any garden long-lasting colour from early through to late Summer. Many of them are purple, but there is a diversity of colours, sizes, textures, flowering heights and bloom times,

Why grow Alliums?

Alliums are tough, perennial bulbs (related to onions, shallots and garlic) that produce an excellent range of cut flowers or blooms for dried bouquets. They are hardy and easy to grow, with tall elegant stems that don’t overcrowd an area, making them perfect companions to other flowering annuals and perennials in any garden.

Where do I plant Alliums?

  • Allium bulbs are remarkably tough, drought-resistant and will grow best in full sun.
  • It is best to plant them somewhere you are unlikely to dig over, so that you don’t disturb them, as once planted, they can multiply naturally, and can be left untouched in the same area for years.
  • They make an excellent addition to an ornamental border, and can be clumped together to give a block of colour along pathways, or used as layers of colour in larger beds, you can also mix them in with other flowers to add depth of colour.

How do I grow Alliums?

  • Plant alliums in mid-Autumn in well-composted, free-draining soil that is slightly acidic.
  • Plant allium bulbs in holes about 2 to 3 times as deep as their diameter.
  • Water them regularly during dry spells but take care not to over-water as this may cause the bulbs to rot.
  • After flowering, you can remove the deadheads, if you want, or leave them as they still add interest. Leave as many leaves as possible to put goodness back into the bulb for the following season.
  • Alliums are fairly slow to multiply, but once the flowers have finished you can lift the bulbs if you choose, and remove the offsets for replanting immediately, although it may take a couple of years for these offset bulbs to flower.

What varieties of Alliums do Gee-Tee have?

Gee Tee have a large selection of Alliums ranging from the formal and informal varieties. From the shorter types like the Allium Karataviense, perfect for tubs and pots to the tall elegant types such as Allium Purple Sensation and Allium Gladiator, which will look wonderful planted in amongst your perennials. They can also be used for long-lasting cut flowers.

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