How to Grow Bluebells

8th Aug 2019

There are few sights more beautiful that a glade full of fragrant English Bluebells. Happiest in the British Isles but versatile enough to grow elsewhere, English Bluebells are easy to grow, naturalise and multiply quickly and require minimal ongoing care.

When to plant Bluebells

The best time of year to plant English Bluebells is Autumn, before the ground frosts over.

Where to plant Bluebells

Bluebells prefer a well-drained soil high in organic compost, with the English Bluebell in particular preferring shaded areas under deciduous trees or shrubs where leaf litter is present.

How to grow Bluebells

In early Autumn, plant the bulbs about 10cm deep and about 10cm apart, with the tips facing upwards and water well after planting to trigger growth.

After leafing and flowering each year, don’t cut the foliage off for at least 6 weeks as these leaves allow photosynthesis to feed the bulb for next year’s growth.


To help spread your Bluebells, you can lift and divide the bulbs after flowering, storing them in a cool, dry place before replanting them during Autumn.

Top tips for spectacular Bluebells

  • To achieve the most natural effect, gently scatter your bulbs across the area you want to plant them, and plant them where they land.
  • You can cut Bluebells for flower arrangements with the bells are half open.
  • When the flowers bloom completely and produce mature seed, you can spread this across the growing area to increase the density of flowers for the following seasons

What varieties of Bluebells do Gee-Tee have?

Browse our range of bluebell bulbs below, and filter by colour, height, flowering month and more.

We go to great lengths to source our bluebells bulbs. For the benefit of conservation, we sell UK cultivated bluebells, however we also offer Dutch-cultivated bulbs – they are Hyacinthoides non-scripta but may be slightly lighter in colour than those grown in the UK

Browse our range of Bluebell Hyacinthoide bulbs below and filter by colour, height, flowering month and more.