How to Grow Crocus Bulbs

8th Aug 2019

Crocuses are often the first flower to emerge from the cold and snow of Winter, signalling a start to Spring and giving much-needed early season colour and fragrance to inspire your garden into life.

When to plant Crocus Bulbs

Crocus bulbs are best planted in late Autumn about 6 weeks before the ground freezes, and can be situated almost anywhere except in dense shade or under thickets.

Where to plant Crocus Bulbs

Soil should be well-drained as bulbs do not fare well in soggy conditions, and ground should be prepared with an organic compost or peat to a depth of at least 15-20 cm.

Ideally the growing site should be in half to full day sun.

How to grow Crocuses

Crocus bulbs should be planted 10-15cm deep with the pointy end up, and about 7-10cm apart in large clumps for maximum coverage and visual effect.

They can be planted in lawns or meadows, or along flower beds in the front areas to give a bordering effect. Once planted, water well to ensure the bulbs set well and rooting begins.


To ensure a strong repeat bloom, fertilise in early Autumn and keep the beds watered if the summer has been particularly dry. Cover the beds with mulch before the Winter to ensure the bulbs gather nutrients before the dormant period.

Top tips for spectacular Crocuses

  • Once flowering has finished, leave the foliage until it’s completely died back as this will feed the bulbs for next year.
  • Every two or three years, divide the clumps of crocuses when dormant into individual corms of a good size, and store in a paper or mesh bag in a cool, dry location until replanting time the following Autumn.

What varieties of Crocus Bulbs do Gee-Tee have?

We make our own mixtures of both large flowering crocus and specie crocus to showcase the wonderful variety of colours. The intricate details and bright colours make it a trade favourite.

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