Lasagne Planting Spring Bulbs

18th Dec 2023

What is Lasagne Planting?

Just like the layers of a savoury lasagne, this planting technique involves stacking different types of flower bulbs to create a stunning display of colours and textures all from one pot. The latest-flowering bulbs are planted at the bottom, with layers of earlier-flowering bulbs above them.

The Basics of Lasagne Planting

Lasagne planting is a technique that involves layering various flower bulbs in a single planting area such as in a pot. The concept is similar to creating layers in a lasagne, where different ingredients come together to form one family favourite dish! Similarly, different types of flower bulbs can be planted in layers, each with its unique flowering times, colour and textures that will leave your garden full of flower right through the spring season.

Selecting Your Bulbs

The key to successful lasagne planting is choosing bulbs that complement each other in terms of height, colour, and flowering times. Consider bulbs that bloom at different times to ensure a continuous display of flower all spring! Popular bulb choices for lasagne planting include tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and iris.

Layering the Bulbs

Begin the lasagne planting process by digging a hole or trench in your pots or borders, that is deep enough to accommodate the layers of spring bulbs you have chosen. Add stone or grit at the bottom, to help with drainage. Start with the later flowering bulbs – such as tulips – at the bottom, and cover them with a layer of soil. Follow this with a layer of earlier flowering bulbs like hyacinth or daffodils, and again cover with soil. Finally, plant the earliest flowering bulbs, such as snowdrops, muscari and crocuses and cover them with a final layer of soil.

To add instant colour to your pot for the winter, you could add Viola’s or Pansies until your spring bulbs begin to appear. Water thoroughly to settle the soil and initiate the growing process.

Caring for Your Lasagne Garden

Once your lasagne garden is planted, it requires minimal maintenance. Water the area or containers regularly, especially during dry periods but be careful not to overwater during the winter as this could rot the bulbs. You can also continue to apply a layer of mulch every now and then to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. As the seasons change, each layer of bulbs will emerge and bloom, creating a wonderful spring display!

Lasagne Planting Spring Bulbs