Set your Summer Scent Garden off in Style

19th Nov 2020

Creating your scented garden is easier than you may imagine, with plenty of bulbs to choose from to fill your garden with fragrance most of the year round.

To ensure that you fill your garden with scent from early spring right through to autumn, you’ll need to have a range of planting periods in late autumn and early spring, as follows:

November/December Planting

For early summer colour and scent, you’ll need to do some planting late in the current year, starting with our range of Allium bulbs, most of which can be naturalized over time to bring years of scent and colour in from May into June and July.

Choose from our Allium range including:

Add soft scent and delicate floral texture to your garden by planting Camissia Semi plena – these tall, white and upright flowers are perfect for formal or natural displays and can reach 90cm in height.

And choose from our wide range of Liliums to bring diverse colour and scent from the start of summer in June, through July and into August. Our Lilies include:

For elegant structure you can add Muscari Valarie Finnes, with their powder-blue flowers bringing soft scent from March through April, and of course our range of Tulip bulbs including:

February/March/April Planting

For early spring flowering you can plant Anemone nemorosa, our Wood Anemone in February for flowering from March through April. These can be planted in the green for that natural, woodland feel. Add English Bluebells to complement the white Anemones with their familiar violet bell flowers and wonderful early spring scent.

Set your summer garden off in style with Hymenocalis festalis, which resemble gracefully misshapen daffodils, and our deep apricot African Queen, which can be planted in late February as the ground begins to thaw, or in March or April, ready to flower from July through August.

Add striking height with our Giant Himalayan Lily, which can grow to 3m and have up to 20 highly-fragrant trumpet flowers through June and July, and our Peony Sarah Bernhardt which grows to 100cm and will bloom from May through June.

You can add vibrant colour and strong scent with our mix of Babiana Stricta bulbs, which will flower from June through August, with their upright stems making ideal cut flowers, as well as Cosmos Atrosanguineus with its dark maroon blooms from June right through to September.

Bring vibrant diversity from June right through to September with our Galtonia candicans (Summer Hyacinth) and Nerine bowdenii.

For later blooming flowers that will bring lingering scent at the peak of summer, plant the following bulbs in March or early April:

Acidanthera bicolour murielae – a variety of gladiolus with white petals and burgundy touches, this slightly scented flower blooms from late summer through early autumn.

Amaryllis Belladonna – this rose pink, funnel shaped flower will bring your garden soft colour and scent through late summer into September and October.

Lilium Casa Blanca – a pure white oriental lily with a heavily scented flower that can grow up to 120cm.

Lilium Golden Splendour – golden yellow flowers with a strong scent that can grow to 150cm, bringing you beautiful height and structure to add to its colour and fragrance.

Lilium Stargazer – a striking and complex flower which can grow to 120cm, with a strong and distinctive scent.

For summer scent and long, beautiful flowering periods, bring some soft lilac colour and texture with our perennial Lavender Hidcote.

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