Simple Spring Bulbs for Sensational Sights and Scents

1st Apr 2021

Spring is just about to burst into life, and with it you can look forward to all the bright colours, scents and textures of the season’s earliest blooms.

But if you’re stuck on selecting what to grow this season, or feeling like planting might be a challenge, here’s a list of the easiest bulbs to choose to make your life easier, and your garden full of colour!

The Early Bloomers

When you’re looking for that touch of colour as the snow melts, look no further than our all-time favourites, Crocuses, Hyacinths and Anemones.

Crocuses are rodent-resistant, tough and can handle late snow and come in a wide variety of colours. Hyacinths are also rodent-resistant, have a strong, sweet scent and can be forced into bloom along borders and windowsills. They also offer early-Spring butterflies a wonderful source of nectar. Anemones offer single and double flower forms and Anemone De Caen make excellent early-Spring cut flowers.

Visitor Resistant

We all love to see the wildlife emerge from their Winter slumber, but it can be pretty frustrating to see deer, rabbits, moles and other garden visitors chomping on our emerging Spring bulbs.

To help solve that problem, plant bulbs that don’t appeal to them, including Narcissus Paperwhite and Peonies to add to the Crocuses, Hyacinths and Anemones from above!

Fresh Garden Scent

There’s nothing better than getting the whiff of Spring scent across your garden as the sun begins to come out. To help boost the garden into fragrant life, plant Tazetta Daffodils, Hyacinths and of course, Snowdrops which offer wonderful honey scent from January right through March and into early Spring.

Cut Flower Perfection

One of the greatest benefits of any bulb garden is the ability to cut flowers to place all over your home. For early Spring, you’ll get the best value for bloom from Anemones, Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths.

Planting for Summer

Remember, most of the blooms you’ll enjoy in Spring will have been planted in Autumn, but now is also the perfect time to prepare your Summer bulb garden – make sure you’ve considered what you’d like to plant, as there’s a wide variety to choose from including Dahlias, Gladiolus, Begonias, Caladiums, Lilies and more!

For more growing advice and how to make sure you get the best from your Spring and Summer garden, have a read through our various articles on growing bulbs here.

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