Super Tips for Summer Bulb Success!

19th Apr 2022

It’s April already and that means we’re only a month or two away from the weather warming up, the sun coming out and with it our gardens springing back into life!

As you prepare your garden for your summer bulbs, we thought it would be ideal to give you a quick and easy guide on how to prepare your beds and soil, and the best methods to plant your summer bulbs to ensure a season of success. We’ve also put together a video to help if you’re more of a visual learner.

Let’s highlight the best way to prepare your soil – here are our tips:

  • For hardier bulbs including crocosmia, nerines and lilies, prepare your sites in warm, sunny positions with good drainage
  • Bulbs more suited to cool, moist habitats need garden conditions that replicate their origins, so be sure to use more compost and heavier soils to ensure moisture retention

The main areas to plant your summer bulbs will be in borders, beds and in containers.

To get the best display you need to clump your bulbs together in groups of at least six, but ideally between 25-30 bulbs will create the best mass display. You can mix and match by colour block, height, texture and more, depending on what effect you’re after.

Step 1: Dig a hole to about 2-3 times the depth of a bulb’s height and plant your bulbs about twice the bulb diameter apart. Always plant your bulbs with the pointed side facing upwards. You can also loosen a patch of soil and create a larger planting bed – it depends where you’re planting and what you’re aiming for!

Step 2: Cover with soil and softly press down to secure the planted area

Step 3: Water well as soon as planted and add mulch for nutrient and moisture retention.

If you’re planting bulbs in pots, be sure to encourage drainage by using pebbles or clay granules at the bottom of the pot, fill with compost and potting soil and plant your bulbs spaced evenly about double their diameter away from each other.

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