Tips to get the best results from your daffodils

1st Aug 2022

Who doesn’t love Daffodils? Such cheery, bright flowers when not much else is growing, and such variety available in shapes, sizes and colours. Plant daffodil bulbs to brighten up any garden setting, from pathways and beds to open areas, woodlands, pots and more.

Get the best results from your Daffodil bulbs

When do I plant Daffodil bulbs?

Plant daffodil bulbs in autumn, between September and December. These hardy perennials bloom in late Winter to early Spring, and can tolerate a wide range of soils, although they thrive in moderately fertile, well-drained areas that remain moist during the growing season.

You can extend the blooming period by planting different varieties. They begin as early as February and can finish as late as April.

How do I plant Daffodil bulbs?

Plant daffodil bulbs 10cm deep and about 60-70 bulbs per square metre. You can plant them in the ground or in pots in a sunny or semi-shaded position

How many daffodil bulbs should I plant together?

You can plant 60-70 bulbs per square metre or space them out 5-10cm apart. Daffodil bulbs divide once they have finished flowering and the new bulbs will produce flowers too. If you are keeping them in the ground it is best to give them more space for naturalising.

Watch our video about planting daffodil bulbs in bulk >

Do I need to soak daffodil bulbs before planting?

You do not need to soak daffodil bulbs. If the soil drains well, they can tolerate a lot of water but they don’t want to sit in water. Moisture in the ground is enough to keep them healthy

Should I water my daffodil bulbs after planting?

It is a good idea to water daffodil bulbs after planting. They prefer slightly moist soil, however, they are quite tough and can cope with dry periods

Will daffodil bulbs spread?

Daffodils are great for naturalising. After four to five years well-fed bulbs will form new growth offsets. We call this naturalising because the bulbs will form their own natural clumps within the garden.

While some kinds of bulbs tend to dwindle and die out if left in the soil, daffodils should thrive and increase in density. They will spread over a period of time either by the bulb dividing and producing new bulbs or by seed. However, it can take years for the seeds to develop into bulbs. For the best results, lift them in early Summer when their foliage starts to yellow and divide the offsets from the parent bulbs by prising them apart, replant immediately.

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