Top Tips for a Spectacular Summer Garden

30th Jul 2020

July and August are traditionally the hottest months of the year in the United Kingdom, and with the promise of the Summer holidays on the horizon, you’ll want to have your garden and outdoor areas in tip-top shape, ready for the long evenings outdoors.

To keep your garden in absolutely the best shape, here are our tips for the things you should be doing in July and August:

  1. Deadhead any blooms that have gone through their prime as this will encourage new flowering and growth.
  2. Keep weeds down by regularly going through your beds to remove any sprouting weeds. The earlier the better, as they do tend to grow quickly!
  3. Ensure that you water regularly, preferably using grey sources or stored rainwater – be careful not to over-water though, checking the soil for moistness before you proceed. Over-watering can cause root rot and damage your bulbs and other shrubs. Ideally, you should water at dusk to help prevent evaporation, and let the water sink in overnight.
  4. Add mulch to beds – this will not only help nourish the plants but also help retain moisture
  5. Divide and re-plant clumps of bulbs so that they can start to form roots and buds ready for next year.
  6. Plant out Autumn-flowering bulbs such as Nerines and Autumn Crocuses.
  7. Prune any Summer-flowering shrubs as the blooms finish in August, as this will promote growth next season.

If you follow the above advice you should have a spectacular garden to enjoy throughout our best months. For further guidance and advice on bulb care and what to plant and when, get in touch with us on 01205 260412 or