Why You Should Lift Tulip Bulbs

9th Mar 2020

Watch the video below for a brief look inside a tulip. Within this video we provide a short explanation as to why we recommend lifting tulips each year at the end of their growing cycle.

We have also created a step by step guide on How to Grow Tulips for beginners.

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Why should I lift Tulip Bulbs?

Tulip bulbs can be kept in the ground all year round, but you may find that they don’t put on as much of a display again. Plus they can cause problems if left in the soil over a prolonged period of time, they can start to rot or develop Tulip Fire (see note below), so we recommend lifting them in summer. 

When should I lift Tulip Bulbs?

Once your Tulips are finished, you can deadhead them but do not remove the leaves, the bulbs need these to gather and store the energy needed to flower again the following year. Leave the stems in, to help you find the bulbs. 

Carefully dig your tulip bulbs up, they produce a lot of roots and develop bulblets from the base, which can make them fiddly to get out, so take your time. Clean the soil off and let the bulbs dry. Discard any damaged ones and store them in nets or paper bags, but make sure you label them. Keep in a cool dark place ready to replant in the Autumn.

A note on Tulip Fire

Tulip Fire, also known as Tulip Breaking Virus is a plant virus that affects many species of Tulip. It is caused by rotting or damaged tissue, including old bulbs, dead flower petals and decomposing leaves, exacerbated by very damp conditions. Find out more about Tulip Fire >