Daffodil Bulbs

There are few flowers that herald the onset of Spring as effectively as the vibrant, colorful Daffodil. Grown in large swaths, Daffodil bulbs are easy to grow and brighten up any garden setting, from pathways and beds to open areas, woodlands, pots and more.

Since Gee Tee Bulb company began in 1961, daffodil bulbs have been our bulkiest and biggest seller. Our warehouse is based right in the heart of the daffodil growing region. It is wonderful sight to be amongst endless fields of yellow and white flowers. There are only a small number of growers and we are lucky enough to have been dealing with many of them for decades. We are proud to be able to support the UK farmers even though the industry has been in decline. You might notice in supermarkets; all of the cut daffodils will be UK grown, a large percentage of those come from our surrounding fields.

We have a whole warehouse dedicated to storing over 100 tonnes of daffodil bulbs, all locally grown. A 25Kg net is perhaps the best value to the amount of bulbs you get in a bag. They are sized 12/14 and you can get around 450 bulbs to a 25Kg net, we also sell by the tonne.

Why grow Daffodils?

These hardy perennials bloom in late Winter to early Spring, and can tolerate a wide range of soils, although are best grown in moderately fertile, well-drained areas that remain moist during the growing season.

You can extend the blooming period by planting different varieties. They begin as early as February and can finish as late as April.

While some dwindle and die out if left in the soil, daffodil bulbs should thrive and multiply. After four to five years well-fed bulbs will have formed many new growth offsets. We call this naturalising because the bulbs will form their own natural clumps within the garden.

Lift these in early Summer when their foliage starts to yellow and divide the the offsets from the parent bulbs by prising them apart, and replanting immediately.

What varieties of Daffodil bulb does Gee-Tee have?

At Gee Tee we offer both the smaller Dutch grown dwarf varieties as well as the popular larger types. Produced by local bulb growers here in Lincolnshire. We are proud to be able to offer some of the finest UK home grown flower bulbs.

Most of our range of large daffodils bulbs are available in 25Kg nets, so if you are in the trade we are able to send bulk quantities nationwide. However, we also sell bulbs in packs of 50 using fully recyclable netting.

Browse our range of Daffodil bulbs below and filter by colour, height, flowering month and more.

How do I grow Daffodils?

Plant daffodil bulbs 10cm deep and about 60-70 bulbs per square metre. You can plant them in the ground or in pots in a sunny or semi-shaded position.

Plant daffodil bulbs in Autumn, these hardy perennials bloom in late Winter to early Spring, and can tolerate a wide range of soils, although they do best in moderately fertile, well-drained areas that remain moist during the growing season.

See more growing advice for Daffodils here.

What our customers say

Good Service

I was kept informed about despatch dates. Everything was delivered as ordered (such a hassle when you have to keep emailing about missing items). The descriptions on the website were accurate and so I was very pleased.

Mrs Davies

Large bags of bulbs

I needed to buy large bagfulls of daffodil bulbs, I have a large area to plant out, which is going to take several years to complete.

Graham Caswell

Bargain prices and good service

Cheap prices as the peak bulb season had passed. Nicely packaged bulbs and a few free ones included as well. Got a bit enthusiastic ordering nearly 500 bulbs but after a few days they’re all in the ground or pots. Looking forward to seeing the results. Many thanks.

Ian Shelley

Bulbs arrived well packaged and healthy

Bulbs arrived well packaged and healthy and good communication from seller.

I would buy from them again A+


Good reliable supplier

I’ve been using Gee Tee bulbs for a number of years now and find them helpful, good quality and competitively price with a good selection of bulbs. Would recommend.


Always impressed with the results

Have used Gee Tee Bulb company to source bulbs for my clients over the last few seasons and have always been impressed with the results after planting.


Great value

Supplied 150 green/growing bulbs almost all healthy and doing well after planting. The price of maybe 20-30 from the garden centre – great value.