Hyacinths are an absolute early-Spring delight. With their elegant range of waxy, scented flower spikes adding swathes of colour perfect for garden planters, pots and cut flowers.

Part of the lily family, the tubular flowers can be clustered together, or mixed and layered with other varieties of flower to create dramatic displays.

Why grow Hyacinths?

These bulbs are easy to grow. They will handle the colder conditions of early Spring well but don’t require much attention once in the ground. Thriving in neutral soils, and sunny to partially-shady spots. They are unaffected by dappled shade from overhanging trees.

A hyacinth will re-bloom every season for three to four years, but can easily be propagated by lifting bulbs carefully in late Summer. Remove excess offsets and replant them in the following Autumn.

What varieties of Hyacinth Bulbs does Gee-Tee have?

We sell many different Hyacinth bulbs to suit your individual garden needs. Our remarkable assortment of colours mean you can create any design you wish, from the flamboyant to the patriotic.

In total, there are approximately 30 different varieties of this perennial flower, including the common Hyacinth (Hyachinthus Orientalis) whose flowers resemble starfish, and the common grape Hyacinth whose blooms look more like clusters of grapes.

The varieties present different heads or flower stalks, with Single Hyacinths producing full flowering heads, Double Hyacinths beautiful fluffy heads and Multiflora Hyacinths producing a number of flower stalks with looser bunches of flowers.

We also supply Hyacinths which have been heat prepared. You will force the bulbs ready for the perfect Christmas gift of indoor winter blooms.

Browse our selection of hyacinth bulbs below and filter by colour, height, flowering month and more.

How do I grow Hyacinths?

See our Growing advice for Hyacinths.