Multi Headed Tulip Bulbs

Multi Headed Tulips are a bit of a rarity. Multiple heads of 4-5 flowers on one stem creating a dense display of tulips. Rather than flowering one bud a time these multi headed tulips tend to flower all at once. They are an astonishing sight and worth making a feature of. Whether this is in a vase or in a container make sure you plant these as a centre piece. The tulip flower tends to be a little smaller than regular tulips, usually in single form. The central flower will often be the largest with slightly smaller flowers to side. Bi-coloured tulips can put an astonishing change of colours, for example Antoinette starts white and yellow and ends up completely pink. Like-wise Colour Spectacle begins life as a nice red and yellow tulip and progressively blooms into a fiery red.

As magnificent as these tulip bulbs are they are also pretty scarce. There are only a few varieties that become available on the market for a season and they may not be a constant feature of our catalogue. Multi headed Tulips are quite late to flower in early May. They are a long last tulip,
so get them while you can.

How do I care for my multi headed Tulip bulbs?

These bulbs don’t need any special treatment. As with all fancy tulips that require a lot from the bulb, the larger the bulb the better. So, you might not get a repeat performance the following year. After flowering the bulb will divide into many smaller bulbs, most of these will not be big enough to flower the following year.

Lift the bulbs in summer and divide up the bulblets and keep the larger ones for planting next autumn. Store in a cool dry place with lots of air flow.

Tulip antoinette - tulip bulbs

Tulip Antoinette

£4.51 (inc. VAT)
Tulip Toronto - multi-headed tulip bulbs

Tulip Toronto

£4.51 (inc. VAT)

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