Summer Flowering Bulbs

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The Gee Tee Bulb Company stocks an extensive range of summer flowering bulbs. From our show-stopping collection of Dahlias to Lilies, Begonias and Crocosmias.

Summer bulbs are the perfect way to add bright colour and texture to your garden. Many of our summer bulbs boast huge, tropical foliage and bright, fiery colours as well as long lasting blooms. Many of them make great cut flowers too, so you can enjoy them indoors as well as outdoors. Some summer bulbs, such as dahlias, crocosmia and begonias, will continue flowering into the autumn.

Top bulb choices for scent are lilies; for structure, alliums and agapanthus; and for show-off blooms, gladioli, tubers and begonias, which are officially tubers

We usually start shipping summer bulbs at the beginning of March. You can begin planting bulbs into pots and keep safe from the frosts by placing them into cold stores or green houses. Wait for the frosts to pass and the soil to to warm up a bit before planting out. They will then produce flowers in abundance that summer.

Most summer bulbs will bloom for several weeks, some will continue until early autumn if you keep up with dead-heading. After they have finished blooming, they can be cut back and then stored in a cool, dry place until the following spring, this might seem like a hassle, but they are definitely worth the extra effort.

How to plant Summer Bulbs

  1. This may seem obvious, but plant the bulb with its tip pointing upwards and roots pointing down. It’s not always easy to tell which end of a bulb is which. so if you aren’t sure, plant the bulb on its side and it will find its own way.
  2. A general rule with planting bulbs is to plant them twice the height of the bulb deep.
  3. Most bulbs prefer a well-drained fertile soil, so adding a handful of grit to the hole before dropping in the bulb will help. If your soil is very wet and heavy, consider planting bulbs in pots rather than in the ground.
  4. Fill in the hole, compact gently and maybe drop in a discrete marker so you can see that you have planted something there!

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