Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia are a beautiful, versatile addition to any summer garden. With a vast range of colours, sizes and petal shapes. They bring depth and texture from the end of the spring right through to deep into the warm season.

Why grow Dahlias?

Dahlia are broadly categorised by size, from small through to large, ranging in height from 10-15 inches to 3 or 4 feet tall. Apart from adding depth to mixed flower beds, these low maintenance plants make ideal cut flowers for colour in the home, and the smaller varieties are perfectly suited to window boxes.

Although Dahlia tubers can appear quite fragile, once planted they are generally quite robust. Dahlia tubers can be planted in moist, well-drained soil as soon as the frost has passed, flowering usually by midsummer through to September, or even beyond if it is mild.

What varieties of Dahlia Tubers do Gee-Tee have?

We offer a range of Dahlia tubers, to give you plenty of options to bring colour to your garden. Our varieties include Decorative, Cactus, Dwarf and Bedding Dahlias, Pom Pom, Dark Leaved and Mixed Dahlias.

How do I grow Dahlias?

See our Growing advice for Dahlias.

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