Lily Bulbs

All over the world, the lily has been a celebrated flower for thousands of years. It’s easy to see why with so many shapes, colours and sizes, its signature trumpet-shaped flowers, not to mention the beautiful, powerful fragrance. The wide range of types and colours means you’ll find one that will complement your garden no matter your preference.

Why grow Lilies?

Lilies are so easy to grow too. All they ask for is a little drainage so that they don’t become waterlogged. They can then be left for many years, flowering again and again.

Lilies look stunning in pots or as a cut flower in the home.

What varieties of lilies do Gee-Tee stock?

We have a large selection of Lily Bulbs including Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Trumpet Lilies and Lilies for pots. Availability varies throughout the year.

Asiatic Lilies are an excellent choice for your first Lily growing experience, as they are one of the easiest to grow and the earliest to flower.
Asiatic Lilies have masses of open-faced, upward-facing flowers in a beautiful range of colours. Because they are shorter than other varieties and have strong stems, they need no staking. You should also note that they don’t have any fragrance, although their blooms are vibrant and beautiful.

To get the maximum scent and visual impact, you should select an Oriental hybrid, with their bold, bowl-shaped flowers and sensational fragrance. They can also reach a height of 1.5-2m, forming the centrepiece of any garden during flowering.

Another outstanding variety is the Trumpet lily – tall with trumpet-shaped flowers, these hardy lilies grow many blooms, from 12 to 15 per stem, and have a wonderful sweet fragrance.

Alongside a large variety of types we have a large range of colours and sizes, these include orange, red and white and also tiny lilies. Availability depends on the time of year.

How do I grow Lily Bulbs?
See our Growing advice for Lily Bulbs.

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