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Amaryllis Collection

£40.80 (inc. VAT)

Pack of 6 bulbs
Spring Flowering Bulbs are shipped from September once they are in our warehouse. There may be a wait whilst we work through our backorder, please contact us if you have any time restrictions.

Amaryllis Collection

Amaryllis Collection – a selection of 6 Amaryllis bulbs*. Stunning large flowers on a long stem; an ideal indoor plant.

1 Ambiance

1 Benfica

1 Desire

1 Mont Blanc

1 Red Lion

1 Rilona

These are supplied as giant-size 30/32cm Amaryllis bulbs. Pot them up with good quality compost to only half way up the bulb; and pack well around the roots. Top up with some bulb fibre and hide away in a dark; warm spot; watering little and often until a flower bud appears. Amaryllis can then be moved into pride of place in a well-lit position; to see the magnificent results appear within a few weeks.


* varieties supplied are subject to availability.

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