Dahlia Jowey Morris

Dahlia Jowey Morris – is a semi-cactus dahlia

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Dahlia Jowey Morris – is a semi-cactus dahlia.

Storing Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are not frost hardy and may need to be lifted in November. In well-drained soils, leave the tubers in the ground and mulch over to protect against frosts. In colder climates, or heavier soils, lift and store your dahlia tubers over winter.

If you are lifting and storing over winter, cut back foliage and carefully lift your dahlia tubers out of the soil. Allow them to dry off naturally and clean away any soil. Trim the stems and cut off any fine roots. Make sure the tubers are completely dry before storing them in open trays or boxes. Pack with dry sand or vermiculite. Leave the crowns exposed and keep them frost free.

Replant your Dahlia tubers the following spring.

If you left them in the ground, once the risk of frosts have passed and you start to see signs of growth again, the mulch can be removed.

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