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How do I open a trade account for buying wholesale flower bulbs?

Gee Tee Bulb company has been a wholesale company since 1961. In its heyday, South Lincolnshire was an enormous hub for growing and supplying flower bulbs. Many of these bulbs are now imported, but we are still based in Lincolnshire, providing expert knowledge and service.

Our prices are already some of the lowest on the internet because we handle bulk quantities and pack in-house.

Are you in the Trade?

If you are not an ‘End User’ (if you are buying bulbs for a client or business) you are eligible to buy wholesale flower bulbs from us as a trade customer. For example, you might be buying for:

  • Landscapers
  • Garden Designers
  • Parks and Community areas
  • Councils
  • Nurseries

But if you’re not sure just ask!

Joe Teeuw - The history of Gee Tee Bulbs

How many bulbs do I have to order?

We don’t have a minimum order value, but small orders would have to accumulate throughout the season to make it viable. We will regularly take a look at your account spend to ensure your setup with us is the best for your business. We want to be able to supply all of your bulbs and help you develop your client relationship so you can come back to us with any requests.

What discount do you get?

The bigger and more frequent the orders, the bigger discount we can apply.

We are happy to quote for projects and tenders via email for any wholesale flower bulb enquiries that you have.

Depending on your requirements, smaller orders will have a 15% discount on our catalogue price initially. Towards the end of the season, we begin to offer bulbs at larger discounts, although we cannot guarantee our full range will be available. This all depends on customer demand.

How do I apply for a trade account?

Drop an email request to and we’ll start the process, this involves filling in a short form for us. To enable us to authorise the trade discount, you will need to have a registered customer account online already setup. This involves placing an initial order but we will give you a temporary discount code to use for this one!

Why buy from Gee-Tee?

  • We are a UK based warehouse, so we can resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
  • We have a dedicated team working on wholesale bulb orders so we can work to your deadline.
  • With over 60 years in the wholesale flower bulb industry, we are an experienced team.
  • We can offer advice on cost effective solutions, what to buy when, and how to plant. Each season is different, we are closely linked to our suppliers in Holland and have great knowledge of availability of stock.
  • No order is too large, we have supplied some of the biggest parks and organisations in the country with millions of flower bulbs.
  • We pack all of our bulbs in the warehouse, so you can be sure of great quality and reduced packing waste.

Our friendly staff are available for advice. Whatever it is you need, we have a way to help.

Gee Tee Bulbs warehouse

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